Emergency Lighting and Directing

Did You Know These?

  • 17.04.2013
    Emergency lighting has been made compulsory with Article 23, Article 25 of Heavy Current Plants Regulation published in the Official Gazette No. 24246 and dated November 30, 2000 and emergency lighting and safety signs has been made compulsory with “Regulations on the Protection of Buildings from Fire” published in the Official Gazette No. 22827 and dated July 26, 2002.

Emergency Lighting System;

Control systems are used to maintain entrance-exit control in your private property, public areas and parking lots in workplaces. The can be integrated with automation systems or controlled with remote controls. It’s an obligation to build emergency lighting according to fire regulation in all escape routes, gathering places, elevators and escalators, workshops and laboratories where high risk-moving machinery and chemical substances exist, electrical power distribution and generator rooms, central battery unit rooms, pump stations, indoor parking lots, places where first aid and safety equipment are located, in sections where there are fire alarm buttons and fire cabinets and similar scetions and in following buildings:

Main Systems Used in Parking Control Systems
 In hospitals and nursing homes and educational buildings,
 In all buildings where user load is more than 200,
 In the building where 50 or more users available below ground level,
 In windowless buildings,
 In hotels, motels and dormitories,
 In high dangerous places,
  In High-Rise Buildings

Emergency Directing

Emergency directing is done in all buildings with more than one exits for the users to easily access exits in any emergency. In the case of an emergency, emergency exit signs should be placed to show the locations of exits to be used for evacuation in the building and exit path planned from each point in the building.

Lighting of emergency signs is done by outside lighting with emergency lighting units or emergency directing units are used which has the same properties and insider illuminated signs for this lighting.