What Can We Do for You?

"Ascon Technology Sytems forms various projects in order to establish the most suitable security systems in your work place or house for protecting your assets you gained through hard life cycle and more importantly your life."

Business Partnership

The most important step we care of while giving you service, precious users is suitable designing and selection of needed products. During the Access to these, we need not only the technical knowledge of our own staff but also the detailed information from our product suppliers. This issue we car efor while selecting our business partners enables us to serve you better. The projects we designed necessitates us to be in contact sometimes with informatics sector and sometimes with construction sector. We don’t forget that we decide on behalf of you while selecting these companies.

Institutional Support

The most valuable phenomena for today’s institutional companies is information presentation where their requests are considered for their needs. That’s why we share our knowledge with you in the part of exploration, consultancy and design we do.

One of the most serious problems encountered by institutional structures is not getting the system maintanence on time or the timing mistake in intervention to the system by technical service when requested. In order to solve this, we inform our technical staff with new system trainings day by day and work for 7/24 to itervene the incidents on time by having a correct coorination.

Individual Support

Many system assembly companies which has the purpose to meet intensive requests of institutional companies delay individual service purchasers seen as littldemand by them. We believe that the solution of this is a key duty to forward us to the future. We created a unit (Observation Station) to response you for 7/24 in order to result the attempt began only with belief.

You can reach our all personnel including our General Manager even in off-hours any time within the day without any hesitation, you can take information and present your requests and complaints.