Turnstile and Barrier Systems

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  • What is biometrics?
    The word biometric which is derived from "Bio" (life) and "metron" (measure) is measuring and statistically analyzing biological data science. Biometric together with Information technology is in general concerned with the features like fingerprint, hand geometry, retina and iris, voice, face shapes of the human body and uses these for validation / identification.

Parking Lot Control Systems;

Control systems are used in parking lots in your private property, public places and workplaces in order to enable the control of vehicle entrance-exit. They can be integrated with automation systems or can be controlled with remote control.

Main Systems usedin Parking Lot Control Systems

 Garrage Gate Motors
 Sliding Gate Motors
 Circulare Gate Motors

Turnstiles are used together with passage control systems and they make the control of entrance-exit secure. Depending on the type of the turnstiles used, people can be directed to the wanted area and the control of personnel and guests can be facilitated.

Turnstile Systems

Turnstile Passage Systems;

 Tripod Turnstiles
 Quick Passage Turnstiles
 Height Turnstiles
 Motor Swing Gate
 Mechanical Railing
 Special Products