Access Control Systems

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  • 16.04.2013

    SSI who sent letters to the hospitals announced that transitions to the system has been postponed to 1 September 2013 and a new guide arrangement will also be announced according to the results of the technical studies.

    Accordingly, all private and university hospitals using Medula Turkey system will take necessary measures till 1 September 2013 and pass to palms Biometric Authentication System. As of September 1st, for the hospital who doesn’t pass to Biometric Authentication System, Medula services will not be allowed to register.

Card and Fingerprint Access Systems;

Access control systems also called as Entrance Called Systems are needed in offices, factories in order to keep people's entrances and exits under control. It prevents the passage of other people except of private people or people in charge allowed to pass through a department you want to control or authorize in your building. All entrance-exit actions performed with card access systems are saved to a computer and a detailed audit / reporting is provided. It is reported as a print out that that made entrance-exit at which time and from which door.

Access Control Systems
Today, personnel tracking and controlled entry and exit applications have now started to gain importance. In the cases of entrance and exits of every personnel to and from any department in the company/factory getting more card access or fingerprint control systems are required to use.

Areas of Application for Access Control System

Card-controlled access systems can be used in refectory control systems, personnel attendance control systems, access control systems, companies, factories, commercial buildings, offices, warehouses, special sections, elevators, sites, plazas. Many readers can be used for for System empowerment. Thanks to evolving technology some of the reader products increasing every day can be named as;

 Card Readers     Fingerprint readers     Retina readers

Electronic Access Systems;

 Personnel Tracking     Guest Tracking     Personnel Worktime Tracking