Our Technical Team and Services

Progressing Projects

  • 03.04.2014
    Beykoz Municipality
  • 22.11.2012
    Best Western
    The accommodation address located in Gebze with 86 rooms and 4 star will have bean completed in 2014. Electric undertaking implementation of the hotel of which the splinter system was completed in 2012 by us is still in progress.

Technical Service And Maintenance

The quality in technical service is about physical and tactile features like controlled physical environment and sufficient material. In the presentation of the services, the measurement of the service quality is determined as a result of abstract and subjective judgement since the capability, knowledge and situation of the personnel at that moment are very important. Technical service quality is related to the service potential, service process or service result. We can give the examples of the capability of the employee for service potential, service process performance for service speed and the achievement of fulfilling the needs of the customer for result quality.

Ascon technology systems that improves the personnel with this awareness gives on-site service to its customers and enables to fix the their problems before any security gap of the electronic systems which are made to work smoothly.

"Periodical Maintanence"

The other important issue is taking quick technical support and service from the company who made the assembly to the electronic system. Electronical systems are the products that require periodical maintanenece and service. It is a necessary factor to make an annual maintanance contract fort he performance of these products after such product and service purchases. However this factor is generally disregarded and it is supposed that everything is complete with the assembly and mounting of the system. Electronic systems must be checked once in every 6 months after the assembly.

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