ÖZAK has manufactured the first Özak branded turnstile in 1989 , has been very succeed of being the first in many points and became a leader as very known brand since then. Nowadays, Özak is exporting the products to 76 countries in worldwide, has done many important projects at home and abroad successfully with variety of product segments which been preferred brand via its quality, unique design and features.

Özak always consider customer expectations as a priority, create designs and manufactures the products to meet customer needs. Özak keeps on investing to research and development studies, in order to develop new designs and technologies.

Özak Product Gallery

Why Özak?

Özak Turnstile who supply to many locations such as sport centers, stadiums, schools, government facilities, jail houses etc. has aimed to improve product, quality and trust without compromising principles. Özak Turnstile manufactures the products for special needs in any purpose to bring the best customer satisfaction and safest access to the world.