Robbery Alarm Systems

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  • 18.04.2013

    Every day 234 houses and 114 workplaces are being robbed.

    2010 Activity Report announced by General Directorate of Police recently has revealed interesting results regarding the crime rates in Turkey in last four years. According to the report still 10 house is robbed in every hour in Turkey and between 2006-2010 robberies of work places has decreased for 26%, from 55,967 to 41,656 'or descent; theft rates of houses has decresed for 0.7% from 85 964 to 85,349.

    In this success obtained thanks to the effective operations performed by security forces, deterrent measures taken by people for negative situations like robbery takes an active role as well.

Robbery Alarm Systems;

Robbery alarm system is an electronic system integration taht serves in the cases of theft, extortion, robbery, fire health problem. It can be selected according to the location of your house or office and your budget. It alarms in an unwanted situation. The alarm informs the environment and necessary places with siren, light, automatic telephone connection. In the case of an alarm in our systems, the data reaches to special devices in our monitoring center over phone line at lates in 20 seconds. In line with the signals reached to Alarm Monitoring Center, the phone numbers given before are called and by mmaking password verification with the contacted person the inciden is filtered by specially trained operators. By this way the quality of the alarm is defined.

Via the test signal sent from alarm system to the center, healthy functioning of the system is checked. In case of any problem, subscribers are warned about the issue and by giving technical support systemis enabled to work in a healthy way again. Alarm Monitoring Center keeps providing continuous 24-hour service with these and similar services.

Observation Station

In accordance with the user instructions in necessary cases, the related Special Security Branch Information Center is contacted and police forces are immediately dispatched to the scene . All audio recordings of Observation Center are held. All movements in the system, in the form of monthly report are sent to the address as e-mail if requested. Thus it is possible to monitor who enabled and disabled the system, alarm and fault conditions occured in the system, the transactions made on alarm moment as date, time and day.