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Intertek Fire Extinguishing Systems

  • Material Supply: Intertek supplies the fire extinguishing systems from the international companies that have the supreme technology in their own fields. Owing to our up-to-date stock policy, we can give the service of quick supply for the spare parts and materials.

  • Supervisoring: As Intertek, we give necessary suppervisoring service for fire extinguishing system equipments we sell to be installed inland and abroad.

  • Implementation and Assembly: We can perform key-ready assembly of fire extungishing systems which we suply material for and necessitate expertise.

  • Operating: We deliver fire extungishing systems we assemble by performing neecssary test procedures by our technical staff to the users.

  • Contracted Maintanence: We give periodic maintanence service for fire extungishing systems to be able to operate effectively and smooth for long years.

Via Group Consultancy

  • Consultancy: We provide our customers with the service in the issues of determination the risk classes of the structures, creating fire scenarios, selection of suitable system and precautions needed to be taken against fire.

  • Conceptualizeing the project: We conceptualize the projects of fire extinguishing and detection systems designed to be installed with our expert engineer staff, support of latest calculation and design softwares and in accordance with international fire standards.