Sale, distribution and technical support of Samsung Electronics Video Security Systems in Turkey are made by Koyuncu Electronics. Since it began to distribute Samsung Electronics CCTV products, Koyuncu Electronics is the market leader and offers the most reliable after sales service our country.

Although Samsung is a global brand, it always works to ensure favorable price / performance ratio and it was established to respond to the requirements and needs of customers in line withthe conditions of today. Samsung Electronics Video Security Systems has maximum product variety, best quality and the most competitive prices on the market today. These products include cameras, complementary accessories, digital video recorders, system control units, network cameras and softwares.

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How did we get today?

Since it was founded in 1938, SAMSUNG has created a mission responding to both change of its own and to new developments in the world: "Economic contribution to the nation" "Priority to human resources," "The pursuit of rationalism." Each slogan represents significant moments in SAMSUNG history, reflects different stages of the fort he company transition to active power fort he electronics devices towards global consumer from the local industrial leader. In addition, Samsung in Korean language means "three stars". Each of the above slogans represents one of three stars. The global operations growing in1990's, rapid changes in the world economy and strong competition from competitors to keep pace with rising of the SAMSUNG' s management philosophy of this mission was developed and preserved.

SAMSUNG uses human resources and technology to create superior products and services and thus to contribute to a better global society. Its management philosophy is to directly contribute for the welfare of people anywhere in the World. Skills, creativity and dedication of the employees is the key point for SAMSUNG and they are the efforts of the endless possibilities we offer to technology to achieve higher standards.

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Information society , as well as with the world witnesses more crime than ever , it’s not even necessary to say that security problem is at the highest level for everyone . That's why the security industry is extremely necessary to ensure our safety and various types of video security equipment is being developed rapidly to keep pace with today's digital age. Traditionally the security industry focuses on providing the security for public facilities such as airports and buildings. 8In addition to this the industry is now expanding to meet the needs of individuals in domestic security market. These needs are basis for people and children to be safe and to refrain from harm. Samsung Electronics which is one of the leading companies in the security industry has been developed and implemented the most advanced technology valid for both in-house and for the security industry.