Nice SpA, founded in 1993, based in Italy has been able to offer affordable and quality products, and also achieved to reflect Italian design approach on the lives of people.

America, England, France, Germany, Belgium, Italy, Spain, Romania, Poland and China are the other countries in the world where Nice performs directly . The company which located in STAR segment of the Italian stock exchange and of which 80 percent is consisted of exports carries its worldwide success to the Middle East with its active characteristic in Turkey market.

Nice Product Gallery

Why Nice?

In Turkey for about 14 years, Nice brand which has spread through distributors in the sector has moved its activities to a more effective point with direct investment it performed in Turkey. Nice Istanbul with its widespread regional marketing network and dealership located in every region of Turkey has become to the position of a company which meets consumer needs, grows and leads the market.

Nice offers integrated automation systems including a wide range of products for garage doors, swinging doors, Sliding Doors, industrial doors, awnings, shutters, curtains, alarm and control systems and wireless systems and in Nice it’s possible the to manage the whole automation systems from a single control.

Nice is a brand that offers wide choices for every budget and every need with its high quality and affordable products approved by the world.

What is the weight of the door leaves?

There are many systems to be used in residences: Lighter doors weigh up to 300 kg and heavy doors of which weights range from 600 to 1000 kg are able to offer tailor-made solutions for all kinds of trouble.

Is it possible to build heavy doors for entrances needed especially in shopping malls, hospitals, and industry?

Systems are designed to operate the door leaves of up to 3500 kg in weight. These designs can show resistance to all types of atmospheric conditions and have maximum business confidence.