Camera Security Systems

Do you know these?

  • What does TVL mean?: Camera resolution is referred as TVL. It means the number of horizontal TV lines. Each TV line represents the transition from black to white. When number of TV lines / scanning number increase resolution gets higher proportionally, high-definition camera prices are inherently more expensive.
  • 350 and 380 TVL security cameras were often used in the first produced models. Today they are in the cheapest class of security cameras.
  • 480 TVL security cameras are an intermediary class between standard group and high-resolution group which tries to catch the target of affordable price / high-resolution. High resolution is preferred for civil applications.
  • The security cameras with 520 TVL and more line scanning are the most expensive cameras. They are preferred for very precise applications like facial recognition, plate reading, etc.

Camera Security Systems;

Camera security systems obtain high-quality images with evolving technology and so play a very important role in ensuring the security of the internal and external environment. Not only camera security systems can be used for safety but also for inspecting customer traffic also staff work. The effectiveness of the system increases 1 more time owing to their feature of being monitored over the Internet.

A further feature of the camera security system is it provides more effective protection with less security staff. These systems which are also referred to as CCTV are grouped under two main headings as IP and Analog systems.

IP Systems
Unlike analog CCTV cameras, IP Cameras are the systems which can adapt to any networking environment, which can deliver the images gained without the need for any hardware to the designated spot digitally. While enabling this operation, the camera immediately transfers the image to its processor converting the image digitally and from there to remote access points via opearting system by using the Internet Protocol in a wide variety of formats (MPEG4, H264, etc.) as image and audio.

Analog Camera Systems

The systems based on recording and displaying the image taken by analogue cameras over coaxial cables to DVR (Digital Video Recorder) are called Analogue Camera Systems. Although the system is called as analogue, the records are made and monitored digitally. With the rapid technological developments in recent years, Analog Systems now has reached its climax. While there were which Black & White, 380 TVL cameras and tape recording systems approximately 12-13 years ago, today more advanced systems are used which can make Real Time (real-time) recording and monitoring with colorful, 600TVL. In contrary to this technological development, the prices has decreased with any new model released.