Detectomat company with its creative engineer staff made a stunning design which creates influence Europe-wide by making new age electronic smoke detectors through FET transistors. Dectomat successfully completed the projects of developing detectors fort he companies Esser, Eff Eff and Hekatron in line with its experiences.

Detectomat GmbH kept making OEM production for the companies Bosch-Group and Telenorma from 1995 to 1999. It produces OEM detector fort he compane below listed and more. Detectomat was chosen owing to its technical superioriteis in the Frankfurt Airport Project which was the biggest project of that period and it was implemented with success. It was also successfully implemented in the same period for Nuclear Energy Plants in very critical executions.

Detectomat Product Gallery

Why Detectomat?

The products of Detectomat are all completely adrressable, algorythm based (interactive) addressable type and take in the most developed class offered by the technology in fire alarm systems. System can be installed as wired, also some equipments and systems can be installed as wireless. All equipmants used in wireless implementation work as interactive addressed likewise. There is the possibility of using addresses (Loop powered) siren which can be feed from loop line. For ex-proof locations, it is possible to add ex-proof (I.S.) smoke detectors, buttons, sirens and flashers to the system. In all button and modules, there is double-sided built-in isolator as standard. By this way, short circuit isolation is provided as standard on zone basis.

If requested, all detectors can have isolator. Addressing is performed from the panel automatically. Addresses equipments are easily opearated with Plug&Play; technology.

All Detectomat products are produced in the factory located in Bielefeld/Germany with advanced technology. All products have VDS and Gost certificate and all detectors have LPCB certificate. Also UL certificate will be completed by the end of 2005. There are possibilities to use mounting printer and remote access with modem on panel.

Superior Properties of only Detectomat

  • Loop extension up to 3000 m with 2x0.8mm cable owing to special intelligent loop communication protocol
  • Special aesthetic detector safe choices
  • Maintanenece-operation- service software. Rapid and easy installment trouble shooting with I-Check. Easy and quick assembly.
  • 2nd micro processor possibility in control panel and loop cards (redundant working). When double micro processor is used, in the case that 1st micro processor is ut of function, the other will operate automatically and nable the system works 100% with back-up.
  • The possibility of using the combination of optical smoke + temperature increase speed + constant temperature + CO gas with single detector as multisensor.
  • The possibility of enlargement to 16 loop capacity in single panel.
  • Beam type smoke detectors, cable type linear heat detectors, active air suction laser smoke detectors, VDS approved power supplies and batteries, ex-proof or external water-proof devices, interactive addressable or conventional detectors, buttons, sirens, flashers, modules and etc. all types of equipment to be provided under a single brand opportunity.